PIPES First Fundraiser Was Incredible!

Congratulations to all of the winners at our raffle and a special thank you to all of our fundraiser sponsors!
The 401 TavernEastman’s Fishing FleetAtlantic MechanicalThrowback BreweryTwo Guys Smoke Shop – SeabrookProstTLC Spa TherapiesBoston BrandEccentric HairJC International LLCRye Airfield SkateparkScentsyCrossFit Black PearlThe Airfield CafeZoni WearDash to the SEA road race fundraiser for Hampton Academy and Lena’s Pizza of Hampton!

Without their help and generosity to PIPES, we would not have been able to put together such an amazing event, and raise money to help those in need!

Continue to check back and see what our next charity event will be!

Get Patched In

Donate today and become a part of our first campaign! Get Patched In is a campaign designed to raise awareness and build the base of our community and strengthen our efforts. Donate $10 dollars today and earn a special patch designed by Ben and Molly.

Stronger than Steel

Stronger than steel is our ongoing promotion to visit with victims of traumatic accidents and support those in recovery who need help accessing necessary supplies.

What is PIPES Incorporated?

In July of 2016 an American couple was in a horrific motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia, Canada. They are 2 of 4 people who have survived the 18 motorcycle accidents that have taken place on this road in the past year. Upon getting into a rehab hospital a few weeks after the accident and regaining mental faculties this couple, Molly McCoy and Benjamin Cole, realized how incredible it was that they had survived the accident, and although their recovery was going to be long and hard, they were part of a minority of people who could continue to live after so much trauma. Numerous doctors confirmed that if Molly had not had her helmet on she would not have sustained a major brain injury, but would have died from the impact of her head hitting the ground.

This experience inspired Molly and Ben to start a nonprofit and work to spread a public awareness of road safety and gear safety, specifically in relationship to motorcycles. These two would like the make accidents like this less likely to end fatally by increasing awareness of available protective gear that can reduce the severity of trauma induced from an accident, while also lessening the commonality of all motor-vehicle accidents by increasing awareness of road safety precautions.

This mission will be achieved through social activism and campaigns to grow a strong community of people who also care about making the road a safer place for all people. Molly and Ben would also like this community to be committed to supporting other people who sustain traumatic injuries on the road. They would like the help people find their way through the mental and physical strife that follows an accident and inspire people to preserver and continue living life fully.


Next Steps…

If you would like to learn more about the personal journeys of Molly and Ben, please visit our Blog. If you would like to take the next step in support of our cause, please Donate, and if you would like to go further and get involved with our organization, feel free to Contact Us with any questions, thoughts, ideas, etc.