Our Mission

Our mission is to create more awareness of how to keep yourself and others safe on the road while helping those who are recovering from traumatic accidents. Paying attention and taking safety precautions on the road is not only about your own personal safety, but about the safety of all the people who are traveling in your proximity. A more vigilant and cautious society on the road will result in much fewer fatalities due to accidents that could have been avoided, and will spur more people to use protective gear that could save lives.

Our Story

Our nonprofit was born on October 20th, 2016 in Hampton NH. Our founders Benjamin Cole and Molly McCoy started this dream after surviving a near-death motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia on July 14th, 2016. After sustaining multiple life threatening injuries, the two came to make an astounding recovery thanks to the kindness and generosity of their community. After Molly was airlifted and Ben ground transported to Queen Elizabeth II hospital in Halifax NS, their families arrived to support them and it was apparent that the couple be brought back to the states to one of the best hospitals in the country for their continued care: Brigham and Women’s. With the help of two teachers from the Hampton school system a GoFundMe was created to raise money to bring the two of them home. Ben was at risk of losing his leg, and Molly’s head injuries needed immediate attention to save her life, so time was of the essence. In only two days, the couple reached their seemingly untouchable goal of $33,000 for a med flight home with more donations pouring in from family, friends, work colleagues, and individuals who were moved by the story every day. Both Ben and Molly were able to receive the intense medical attention they required and were transported from Brigham and Women’s after 7 days to a rehabilitation facility. Pipes inc. was created to pay forward all the generosity and support that was received during the couples ongoing recovery. We have formed multiple campaigns to increase the knowledge of the general public on road safety and motorcycle awareness, proper equipment and gear use, and support of survivors of motor-vehicle accidents. Please see our campaigns for more info!

Meet the Team



Molly McCoy


President & Cofounder

Molly is a 22 year old UNH student studying Political Science. Due to her brain injury from the accident in July she currently has to take a year off from school, but she will be attending UNH again next fall.


Benjamin Cole

Vice President & Cofounder

Ben is a 22 year old Massachusetts licensed massage therapist and most recently the head chef for the Golf Club of New England. Due to 11 fractures in his right femur, 2 of which being compound and requiring external and internal fixation, he has struggled with getting on his feet, which has prevented him from further pursuing either of his two careers over the past few months, Thankfully a surgery in November has given him more mobility which will help his recovery and he will be able to get back to work soon.