Ben’s Blog 5/19/17

You think you can’t do it?

There is absolutely nothing that you can’t do. Nothing should hold you back from striving for greatness. If you ever find yourself saying “I can’t”, take a step back and reevaluate your struggles. Is this goal something that you truly want? Nothing ever came from those who didn’t try, only YOU are stopping yourself from going further, or pushing harder. We are fully equipped to deal with what life throws at us, even if at the moment it doesn’t seem like something we could possibly handle.

I took a figurative step backwards at PT this week, reaching only about 38 degrees even with assisted motion. I was disheartened to see a decline in mobility, as I was feeling I was finally making a breakthrough in my range of motion, even though it seemed as though my body was starting to work against me. My right hip is displaced from the lack of muscle and injury, and has started to impede my gait, so I have to give extra attention to each step I take. As my leg is healing, I have noticed that my lower leg deviates to the right and the strain and pressure from that makes it painful to walk on uneven ground and down-hill. I was discouraged at what I initially thought of as “failure”, and spent a small amount of time feeling low. I allowed myself to feel bad, because you know what? It really does suck some days. But I got over it, I am better than dwelling on frustrations and setbacks. I found this video and wanted to use it in the beginning of my post as a reminder that you can get through anything.

Am I frustrated? Absolutely, but that frustration is the fuel to go harder. If you have ever gone through any form of recovery you know that there are just those days that you want to scream and be done with it all, but that anger can’t consume you, you need to be able to use that as a way of growing and becoming stronger. I went for a short hike today with Molly, we got about a quarter mile in and over a few hills before I needed to turn around, totaling about half a mile of travel. It took a good 20 minutes to go that far and I am proud of that. 10 months ago I thought that portion of my life was over, laying in a hospital bed with casts on both legs, I dreamed of the day I would hike again. Today was that day, and though it doesn’t seem like much to the average person, that half mile “hike” filled my heart with joy. And i’ll be honest, I needed that after feeling low at PT. You can’t be optimistic every day, but don’t stay down. Set yourself a goal and do everything to get there, and eventually you will.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” -Fred Devito

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  1. You’re a very strong young man it will get better. Keep the faith i will continue to pray for you. I have been there and i am living proof don’t let doctors give you limits. Cause your in charge of your own destiny. Keep up the strive you will get their. Holly

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