Ben;s Blog 5/26/17

This injury has been a blessing in disguise.

Just to clarify, that is not me saying i’m glad it happened, in fact I was very angry for a long time as to why it had happened. This is also not me saying we are fine, most of the time we are not fine, but we have found happiness. Over the past several months we have been blessed in the way of sharing our story and spreading inspiration to those around us. We are happy because we are able to use our injury as a gateway to awareness, road safety, proper equipment, medicine, recovery, etc. Although I never wanted to be in this position, I cherish the fact that through the struggle I am able to show others that you can get past it.

This week at PT I did not do any better, reaching only 37 degrees yet again. My therapists are trying new modalities every day though, to try to help me. As per the doctors orders, I am not allowed to have anyone put pressure on my leg to try to bend it, so it has been a challenge to figure out what the best activity would be to strengthen the muscles as well as get some mobility back. We have developed a pretty good system, and as the weather is getting nicer, I will start water walking in an outdoor pool. Hopefully all of the exercises mixed with the sunshine will boost my flexibility!

I have also been going to a personal gym where I work my upper body. I am slowly gaining back to my pre-trip weight of 190 pounds, coming in around 173 now, and activating muscles I hadn’t really trained before. I have to adapt all of my routines for my leg, but I am able to do everything I used to do at the gym, save for leg day – haha. I tried to run this week, and i’m sure I looked ridiculous, but if I keep it up I think I will be able to adapt my stride and at least jog to get my heart rate going. I am going to try to get out again this weekend while the sun is out and do some power-walking and maybe try to run again. I am going to try to record my progress and see how much I can improve. I am optimistic for the future, and I can’t wait to see what the next week holds.

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