Ben’s Blog 5/5/17

This week has passed quickly, but not much has really happened. I honestly don’t have much to talk about, I’ve spent some time just looking back on how life was. 10 months ago we had just gotten through Canada and were heading for P.E.I. We were working towards great careers and though we enjoyed our vacation, we looked forward to returning to work and school respectively. We were always cautious on the motorcycle, and still never guessed that something would happen that would change our lives forever. Everything seemed so perfect, like it was all on the right track and we were heading down a successful path that we had so tirelessly forged. In retrospect, everything from the past seems amazing in the wake of a traumatic accident, like it was all so incredible and you just want to get back to “normal”.

I see what we used to have, and there is still a part of me that wants to have that back, but I have learned to adjust to how life is going now. The accident was traumatic, and the recovery has been a struggle, but it has brought about some amazing things. We have created PIPES to help those in need, and being stuck in wheelchairs and out of work gave us the opportunity to spent time with those around us who we no longer have. Everything happens for a reason, even if the answer takes a long time to show.┬áIt takes a very long time to get back into normalcy, and it is challenging to accept that what you had before is no longer part of your life. But life isn’t over when it starts to get hard, it is only just beginning. You are only ever faced with things that you have the ability to overcome, no matter how hard it may seem. Accepting things as they are is the first step to becoming stronger.

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