Ben’s Blog 6-16-17

Hello all!

I apologize for the gap in blog posts, it has been a very busy month for us! Today we solidified the date and time for our first fundraiser! We will be raffling off some great prizes and gift cards, and our list is continuing to grow so check back often for an update on the items!

The date of the fundraiser is Monday August 7th, from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm at the 401 Tavern in Hampton NH. All of the money from tickets goes directly to our non-profit: PIPES incorporated, to give aid to those in need and help raise awareness of road safety.

Raffle tickets will be sold at the door, but we will also be doing a pre-order for our big ticket items when they are announced!

Check out our Facebook page for all the details at


Inspiration for the week:

Be the change you want to see in the world:

Challenge of the week:

Be bold and help someone who needs it, be courteous, smile and say thank you, hold the door, over tip your server if you go out. The smallest thing to you could make a world of difference to that person.

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