Patched In

"Patched In" is our first major campaign. Each year our organization will send a custom collectable patch to those who donate $10 or more*. We are currently working to release our first complementary patch to our donating members. When you wear one of these patches you are helping to promote road safety and your assistance may help save a life. The proceeds from these donations will go towards launching some more major campaigns and will also go into a fund for victims of traumatic accidents; Stronger Than Steel.

Whether you want to donate and help with events, or just want a cool collection of patches, show you support, join our fight and Get Patched In today!

Please allow 4 - 6 business weeks for shipping.

Stronger than Steel

The Stronger than Steel campaign is Molly and Ben's program for setting up inspirational and motivating visits with survivors of traumatic accidents along with helping victims get all of the necessary supplies they need in the wake of an accident. Molly and Ben have experienced, first hand, the hardships that come with money and access to medical and personal supplies after a horrible accident and they would like to lessen the burden on other victims. No one should have to settle for supplies that aren't correct due to strict insurance policies and a lack of funds.

2 years ago

Please take a moment to read about the situation Emma and her family have been put in due to the negligence of a babysitter. Any amount of support can help! Ben and I would not be anywhere near where ... See more

2 years ago

It has been a year since Benjamin Cole and Molly Jean Mccoy incorporated PIPES inc. !

Looking back on the last year Ben and Molly are excited about some of their accomplishments, but moving forward ... See more

3 years ago
The Invisible Battle – Life with an Invisible Injury – PIPES Incorporated

We posted a blog today, thanks for checking it out and continuing to support us!

The Invisible Battle – Life with an Invisible Injury August 31, 2017 admin Leave a comment Hello all, I know it’s been a while since Ben and I have made consistent posts, but life really started ... See more

3 years ago

Drawings start in 15 minutes!!!

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Additional Information

*In order to receive a patch in the mail, PIPES inc. will require a mailing address from you at the time of your donation. There is a box on the donation page that will send us your shipping information, and we will only be sending one piece of mail to you, no spam. Your address will be kept in a secure data base and will not be released to any foreign site or used for any other purpose other than to be the location in which you would like to receive your package. Please allow 4 – 6 business weeks for shipping & processing.

Coming soon...

When we launch our next campaign or start a new project that will be partially funded by donations we will post it here so you know what you're donating to.

Want to become a part of the Stronger than Steel Campaign?

Do you know someone who needs help from the Stronger than Steel Campaign? Contact us through email with your name, age, contact info, and an explanation of who is in need, what happened to them, where they are currently, and what they need help with.

Would you like to volunteer to visit with and help survivors of accidents? Contact us through email with your name, age, contact information and a brief paragraph of why you would like to be involved.

Would you like to donate directly to the Stronger than Steel fund? Make a donation on our donation page and them send us an email with the name you donated under and the amount you would like to go directly to the Stronger than Steel fund. We will transfer that amount directly to the fund as soon as it processes.

All emails should be sent to