Preventing Injuries for People and Empowering Survivors; PIPES Inc. is a nonprofit that wants to do just that.

What do we do with the donations?

We are a nonprofit. Our donations are used to fund endeavors and campaigns, like “Get Patched In”, to raise awareness of road safety. Money could go towards anything from buying safety gear to distribute to people who need it, to helping support someone who has sustained severe injuries due to an accident. We want to put the money we raise into supporting people and making everyone more safe on the road.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved in anyway that suits you! Donate any amount that you are comfortable with, contact us with ideas for events or campaigns, or simply just attend our events and get the word out to people around you. Any little bit helps, our goal is to simply raise awareness and make road safety a major topic in our society.

How many people work in this corporation?

Currently PIPES inc. is run solely by Benjamin Cole and Molly McCoy. They are working around the clock to make their corporation successful and hope to involve their communities and beyond in the years to come. They appreciate all and any help they receive to make road safety an issue on the forefront of peoples minds.