Molly’s blog – 6/28

I want to start off by saying I am sorry for the short hiatus I took from blogging in the last few weeks!


I finished one of my summer classes, started attempting to get into crossfit, and all around started feeling my life kind of get back on track in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. Anyways, in the midst of all the excitement I felt a bit of mental fatigue on and off and I was having trouble balancing all aspects of my life. I’m feeling stronger with each week that goes by, and now that one of my classes has ended and I am use to my routine I am excited to come back to blogging each week about my recovery and post-accident life.


This week I want to post about something that has become more annoying as the weather has gotten warmer… the scars, discoloration, and chunks of skin missing on my legs. My right knee and ankle are the most obvious… my stitches were in a little too deep and left in about a week too long along my compound fractures on my right ankle, and this left a very dark indented scar below the discoloration from where the skin broke when my tibia and fibula fractured through the skin. My knees have varying shades of purple scars over indentations where skin was lost due to road rash, and then there is subtle discoloration along the front of both my shins due to gravel and rocks that were caught along my legs in the accident. Some of the scars are very subtle, but when looking at my legs in a picture or in person they just look dirty and rough as a whole due to the varying coloration with purples and reds.


Anyone who knows me know that I will take any excuse to buy a dress, but when I’ve tried on dresses that reveal my knees since the accident I can’t help but think that my legs just look dirty. I have been using vitamin D moisturizers and staying out of the sun as my orthopedic surgeon told me, but the scars are still noticeable in every picture I see of myself.


I’ve always loved playing with makeup, so the other day I went out and gathered some supplies and began playing with concealer, base, correcting powder, primers, setting sprays, setting powders, and more and I managed to make the discolored part of my legs look normal and the indented parts of my legs blend and look less noticeable.


I don’t care about how my legs look on a day to day basis for school, or work, or just hanging out… but it is nice to know that when I go to a cocktail party, or on a date with Ben, and at events like my engagement party I can cover up some of the discoloration and look elegant again… It also doesn’t hurt that this feels more like a fun art challenge to me than like something I have to do.


It’s funny how life sometimes hands you challenges you never even knew existed before… If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that embracing the journey in life will take you amazing places and give you experiences and knowledge that you would have never encountered otherwise. It’s beautiful and worth it, and there is no experience, challenge, or knowledge that I would trade to erase the past and what had brought me here.

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